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Sovereign Gold Coin – 1980

The sovereign is one of the world’s best known gold coins.  In its modern form it was first struck in 1817 during the reign of King George III taking its name from a handsome twenty shilling gold coin introduced in 1489 by King Henry VII. The reverse depicts the classic portrayal by Benedetto Pistrucci of St George on horseback slaying the dragon. This design appeared on the sovereigns of George III and has featured on all sovereigns since 1887.  The obverse depicts Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II based on the fine Arnold Machin portrait that has been used on most UK coins since 1968.  In 1980 The Royal Mint issued a maximum of 100,000 proof sovereigns for world wide distribution.  This coin is in mint condition and in its original box with insert.

Specification of Coin:

Weight: 7.988g/0.257 Troy Ounces

Pure Gold Content (g): 7.3g/0.23 Troy Ounces

Fineness: 916.7

Diameter: 22.05mm

Stock: In Stock


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