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Jamaica $100 Gold Coin – 1979

This $100 gold coin was issued by the Royal Mint of London under the authorization of the Bank of Jamaica. The coin has been issued to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Investiture of H.R.H. Prince Charles as Prince of Wales. The mintage has been limited to a maximum of 25,000 Proof Coins.

This coin is in mint condition in its original box with certificate of authenticity. Apart from the early countermarked Spanish no Jamaican gold coins were issued before decimalisation, the earliest being 1972. All Jamaican gold coins are commemorative coins.

Specifications of Coin:

Weight: 11.34g/0.36 Troy Ounce

Pure Gold Content: 10.2g/0.328 Troy Ounces

Fineness: 900 (21.605k)

Diameter: 26mm

Stock: In Stock

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