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Gibraltar Fifty Pound Gold Coin – Nelson – 1980

The Government of Gibraltar authorised the Royal Mint to strike new legal tender coinage to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of the death of Nelson. The obverse of the coin depicts the standard portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin. The Inscription reads “Gibraltar, Elizabeth II, 1980”. The reverse of the coin , designed by Philip Nathan, depicts a portrait of Nelson superimposed upon H.M.S. Victory. The inscription on the pennant reads: “Nelson 1758-1805”. The denomination is to the right and beneath the portrait of Nelson. This gold coin is presented in its original box with insert.

Specification of Coin:

Weight: 15.976g/0.513 Troy Ounces

Pure Gold Content (g): 14.64g/0.471 Troy Ounces

Fineness: 916

Diameter: 24.2mm

Stock: In Stock

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