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Canadian Maple Leaf $5 1/10 Troy Ounce Gold Coin – **Sold**

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Cananda, and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.

It is one of the purest gold regular-issue coins in the world with a gold content of .9999 (24 carats).  That is, it contains virtually no base metals at all—only gold, from mines in Canada.

The coin was introduced in 1979.  The coin we have in stock is a 110 oz. denominations and is guaranteed to contain the stated amount (in troy ounces) of .999 fine gold (24- carat). The coins have legal tender status in Canada for their face values.

This coin comes in a sealed unit and is in mint condition.  Please note that the imperfections in the photographs are small scratches on the outer plastic capsule and the coin itself is in perfect condition.

Specification of Coin:

Weight: 3.131g/0.106 Troy Ounce

Pure Gold Content: 3.131g/0.106 Troy Ounce

Fineness: .9999

Diameter: 16mm

Stock: In Stock

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