20 Balboas Silver Coin – Republic of Panama – 1974

This 20 Balboas, when issued, was one of the largest coins in the world.  The front of the coin has the bust of Simon Bolivar 1783 – 1830 and the date 1974.  The reverse has the coat of arms of Panama with the words Republica de Panama over the coat of arms and the silver mark “LEY 0.925 and the value.

A total of 2000 silver 20 Balboas were issued in 1974.   This coin comes in its original plastic capsule and box.  The box is in exceptional condition given its age.

Specification of Coin:

Weight: 133g/4.27 Troy Ounces

Diameter: 61mm

Origin: Franklin Mint

Date: 1974

Stock: €250.00

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